Vaccine Resistant and The Truth

Monday, October 18, 2021

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Good Morning and Welcome to this week’s Gospel and Culture update, by Alan Vink
Vaccine Resistant and The Truth

Monday 18th October, 2021

Meet the Vaccine Resistant

Last week Dylan Reeve wrote a most interesting article titled, “Who are the New Zealanders holding out on getting vaxxed?” It’s about a 10 minute read and worth every minute. He notes:-

One thing that is clear, however, is the community isn’t homogenous….Far-left anarchists find themselves co-mingling with New Conservatives voters. Many members lean toward eco-friendly ideals and natural health, while others would rubbish such ideas in any other context. Without the commonality of their Covid views, members might have never encountered each other online.” But their beliefs and arguments are neither uniform nor consistent. There is no commonly accepted explanation for what’s really happening; the only consensus is that the information coming from official sources is not what it seems. That something is being hidden”.

POV. What I found particularly interesting about this article is the range of New Zealanders who have concerns about the vaccine. It certainly isn’t Christians alone though I suspect that our percentage might be a bit higher than any other ‘grouping’. Over the last 4 weeks a number of Christian Leaders have written to me who are either vaccine hesitant or anti-vax. These folks are honest and sincere people. They have most always weighed things up pretty carefully. Their reasons are many and varied. For example One Christian Leader shared with me a paper he has written titled, ‘Why I am Vaccine Hesitant’ and listed 47 reasons. A predominant theme I’ve noticed are comments and worries about ‘The Mark of the Beast and End Times’.

My hope and prayer is that this issue will not drive a wedge between us within the Christian community resulting in division and disunity. From where I sit things look rather precarious at the moment.


Finding The Truth

POV. The Bible of course is the ultimate source of all truth. But it gives us no insight into the Covid-19 vaccine which means we have to find other trusted sources of information. Here
Stuff has provided us a really good source of information. “It explains the topics prone to misinformation, and seeks to inform rather than inflame. It does not advocate for policy positions, apart from transparency and accuracy in public debate”. It is supported by six highly trained experts. I for one have no reason not to trust these people. I am convinced they want the very best for every New Zealander.

I highly recommend this resource to you.

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