Vax Misinformation, Three Waters and Mooloo's

Monday, September 20, 2021

Written by Alan Vink

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Good Morning and Welcome to this week’s Gospel and Culture update, by Alan Vink
Vax Misinformation, Three Waters and Mooloo’s

Monday 20th September 2021

Vaccination Misinformation

We have 4.1m people over the age of 12 in NZ and therefore eligible for the Covid-19 (Pfizzer) vaccination. As at late last week, 3.1m (61.3%) people had received 1 dose and 1.6m (31.6%) were fully vaccinated. At 90% of the population being fully vaccinated we have a fighting chance against Delta, so say most experts. So we have quite a way to go. About 30% (or 1 million) of all those who are eligible. But in the last 6 weeks all the stops have been pulled out, resulting in vaccination rates ramping up big time and it is now hoped we will reach this target in 3 months’ time. To that end I fully support the 90% Project.

POV. Misinformation is certainly a hidden enemy to reaching the 90% target. From my brief reading on this subject it seems that is ‘par for the cause’ since the first vaccine for small pox was invented in the mid 1800’s. The difference now is essentially social media and the ‘platform’ some anti-vaxxers have created for themselves. From where I am sitting the good news is that most Christians by far are already vaccinated or will be. My reading of the landscape is 1) science, credible science that is and common sense will win in the end and 2) that when the reality of not being vaccinated hits home then many who are currently vaccine hesitant and even some anti-Covid19 Vaxxers will swing in and get the jab. And that will be a good thing for the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Three Waters Reform

The Government's Three Waters Reform Programme proposes to create just four publicly-owned multi-regional entities that have the scale, expertise, operational efficiencies and financial flexibility to provide safe, affordable water services for New Zealanders. This proposal isn’t going down that well with Local Government NZ (LGNZ), the parent body for all Council’s in NZ. “What we are calling for is for local government and central government to have an evidence-based discussion on our water system. Only then can we have the confidence to talk about innovative policy solutions that strike a better balance between health, sustainability, and affordability outcomes. This is what local government has been asking for over the last five years; a collaborative forum that gets central government and local government working collaboratively on these most challenging of issues”. Likewise the National Party is opposed to the Government’s plan.

POV. Water shouldn’t be owned by anyone. Not Councils, Government, Pakeha or Maori. Fresh water is God’s gift to us and is essential for life….all life forms. Fresh water is free or at least it should be. In fact every person in the world is entitled to have easy access to fresh water which sadly is far from the case. We are called to conserve it (and not waste it) and manage it both efficiently and effectively. The ‘means of delivery’ of fresh and safe water should be something we are all concerned about. These assets (pipes and pumps) that are needed to deliver water to my house and your house are publicly owned. In most cases they have been paid for by the rate payer. How these assets are managed is something we should not only be interested in but also have a say about. That’s why I recommend all of us get acquainted about the Three Waters Reform currently being debated in the public square in NZ.


No not a Waikato Chief’s supporter but a cow loo. You just have to love the innovation. Check it out here.

Alan Vink is currently the Executive Director for LeadershipWorx. Prior to this role he has been the Executive Director of Willow Creek Association NZ (WillowNZ), a Baptist pastor (23 years), Bible College teacher, and church consultant.

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