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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Written by Alan Vink

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Dear Pastors

LeadershipWorx (LW) is nearly three years old now. As both the founder and director of this ministry it has been my immense privilege to write to some 550 pastors twice a week from all around NZ and from many denominational backgrounds. Additionally, I have convened a number of seminars and roundtable conversations around important issues. More recently I have hosted and convened a number of Zoom briefings. I have simply loved meeting and working with a growing group of Christian leaders around NZ and a few from overseas.

Since we started I was (and am) determined to keep costs down. To that end we run a lean machine with very few overheads. We have some of the normal costs all organisations have. Expenses like a website, small office expenses and a little travel. I also pay for some administrative support as and when needed. Liz, Karyn and I work from home offices. Total expenses each year about $8000 - $10,000. Jeanette and I decided early on that my time (about 20 hours a week) would be on an unpaid basis as I have some alternative business income.

The income LW receives is from just one source and that is donations. Though I run some events (very few this year due to COVID19) these events normally breakeven. Sometimes they make a small loss unfortunately.

To that end I am asking today if you could make a small one-off donation to LW of a ‘Tenner’………i.e. $10.00 (or perhaps 2 x’s a Tenner). This will enable us to keep the ‘doors open’ so to speak.

LeadershipWorx is a registered Charitable Trust and so we can issue you a tax receipt if you would like one. Our bank account number is 06-0459-0987857-000. If you would like a receipt please email Liz Dobbs at liz.dobbs@leadershipworx.org.nz with your name or organisations name and amount you donated.

A New Offering Next Year

Leading and Managing your church is very challenging, perhaps more so these days as the demands on ALL organisations increase. Over the last two years I have facilitated a professional development learning module for the Baptists called ‘Church Management’. Next year I am opening this learning module up to other pastors from non-Baptist backgrounds and running it as a LW programme. Baptist pastors are of course welcome.

In brief it works like this. There will be 9 topics, 1 per month starting in March and finishing in November 2021. The topics are:-

  • The distinct functions of leadership, management and administration, and how they interface with each other.
  • The difference between organisational leadership and spiritual leadership.
  • The five functions of management: planning, organising, controlling, staffing and evaluating.
  • Jim Collins (Good To Great) for Churches and Christian NFP’s.
  • Ministry Reviews
  • Leading a staff team that honours God.
  • Organisational design.

Each module is made up of some suggested readings, podcasts, reflection questions and a 1 hr Zoom call per month. One on one conversations with me are also available as part of the fee. There may also be an option for a one day workshop later in the year.

Joining me next year to give some input is Rob Hennin, CEO of Nib NZ. Nib is a Health Insurer and employs over 200 people in Auckland. Previously Rob was CEO of Visa NZ and CEO of Visa India (4000 staff). He has been and currently sits on a number of Boards and has advised Christian organisations. Also joining me is Chris Clarke, former CEO of World Vision and prior to that CEO of Hawkes Bay DHB.

There will be a cost of $250.00pp for the year and a maximum number of 10 participants. If you would like to know more please drop me a note at alan.vink@leadershipworx.org.nz OR hit ‘reply’.

And finally, thank you in advance for your kind donation.



Alan Vink is currently the Executive Director for LeadershipWorx. Prior to this role he has been the Executive Director of Willow Creek Association NZ (WillowNZ), a Baptist pastor (23 years), Bible College teacher, and church consultant.

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