Can you spare a few bucks?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Dear Pastors

Can you spare a few bucks?

LeadershipWorx is a lean machine. We need just $6000 -$7000 a year to keep the lights on. I am able to give my time without being paid and happy to do so. I am very grateful for the good work Liz Dobbs does providing top class administrative support.

I have chosen to not have a member or subscriber only portal and the last time I asked for a small donation was three years ago.

If you are able to ‘spare a few bucks’ I would be very grateful. Thank you! We are a Registered Charitable organisation so we are able to give donors a tax receipt. If you would like a receipt please drop Liz an email and she will email one to you.

Our Bank Account details are:
LeadershipWorx Charitable Trust
Ref: Your (or organisation) Name

A little bit about me

I am frequently asked what I am doing these days? It’s a fair question…….after all I live in Raglan1 and look around the age of the big ‘R’. Jeanette and I have chosen to stay engaged in Christian ministry as long as we are still useful and as long as our health permits. So far so good!

My main work each week is running LeadershipWorx. Here I blog twice a week (most weeks), convene a seminar from time to time and do some consulting work for churches and Christian organisations. I sit on the Boards of three Christian organisations and I preach regularly at my home church. I also have two small business interests and am GM (p/t) for a Visual and Performing Arts Academy. This year I am on the teaching team for the ‘God Loves You Tour’ with Franklin Graham. In fact I am writing this piece in Christchurch this morning where I am teaching a few Christian Life and Witness Courses this week.

I am an early riser most mornings and just love to make myself a good strong cup of Raglan Roast and sit on my deck to ponder and pray. I love swimming for fitness, taking a walk with Jeanette and Sandy (our Golden Retriever) and visiting with friends. Since June this year you can find me behind a mic and a bunch of knobs co-hosting a local community radio programme for an hour. It’s my latest hobby!

Thanks again for your support and also the many folks who get in touch with me throughout the year.


1 In the latest AA Travel magazine it says this this about Raglan. And that says it all! I figured I better provide photo evidence otherwise you wouldn’t believe me.


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