Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Good Morning and Welcome to this week’s Gospel and Culture update, by Alan Vink

Tuesday 12th December 2023


POV. I’m sure as Christians we feel a deep sadness as to what is unfolding once again in NZ as far as our relationship with Māori is concerned. I certainly do. It demonstrates to me that our bi-cultural journey is still very fragile. But that said, as at this moment(I may have a different view in a few months) I really do believe we need to give the incoming Government a little more time before we call them out as racist. Here’s why?

  1. Our new PM has consistently said that Māori are going to do better under his Government than under Labour. In fairness I think we should allow the new Government a little more time to show us that this will indeed be the case. Plans, policies and even comments by politicians ‘on the hop’ are one thing but I for one am looking for the evidence of Māori doing better. This needs a little more time.
  2. Māori leaders disagree with each other and at times vehemently so. Disagreement is nothing new - non-Māori disagree too - but at this moment in history it would be so good if Māori leaders could agree on fundamental principles impacting our nation at this time and further that that agreement is found across the political spectrum.
  3. Is returning the names of Government departments to English “publicly humiliating the Māori Culture” as one opinion piece writer stated over the weekend here? I have to be honest I am having trouble knowing who is who let alone pronouncing the names accurately even though I really try hard to get it right.
  4. Have we as Christian leaders taken the time to read the policy statements on Co-Governance and Democracy that Act, NZ First and National have published on their websites including the two Coalition Agreements. Though there is quite a bit to read and I haven’t finished this task yet, I have found this particularly helpful in seeking to understand the ‘why’.
  5. For now at least the words (prophecy) of Māori Evangelist of the 60’’s and 70’s Muri Thompson seem very appropriate. I remember listening to Muri as a teenager and was absolutely mesmerised.
  6. And before I go and make a coffee you may like to watch this beautiful rendition of - A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman Broadway | One Voice Children's Choir Cover

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