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Thursday, May 25, 2023

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Dear Pastors and Christian Leaders

The Colson Fellows Programme
This is a sponsored announcement

Here is a really cool study offering. It is called The Colson Fellows Programme. Below are three endorsements of Kiwi’s currently on the programme. Further, I have decided to enrol for this programme starting in July 2023.

I have a brochure in a pdf format that sets out all you need to know about content, format, cost etc. Please drop me a note if you are would like a copy at

The Colson Fellows Program is a deep dive into Christian worldview and culture so as to become the kind of believer who understands how creation, fall, redemption, and restoration all go together to form the only true Story of the world. We then look to be salt and light as you form your response in order to participate effectively in God's work of restoration in today's world and culture.

Additional to all of the USA based online content and webinars with speakers and authors of exceptional calibre and credentials we in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific also meet together monthly online taking into account local time zones so as to make the meetings equitably accessible to all participants in the cohort.

In brief:-

  • 12 month study course made up of reading 12-14 books, monthly cohort meetings on-line, video’s and webinars.
  • Starts in July 2023 and finishes in June 2024
  • Each quarter develops a primary focus
  • On completion you become a Fellow of the Colson Center

If you would like to know more and be introduced to Darren Shelton, Director for NZ and Australia then please join me and Darren on Wednesday 31st May for a Zoom call at 11.30am to midday. Please email me for the Zoom link. There is no obligation, no strings attached and no pressure.


Sai from Wellington NZ........

I can’t say enough about how pivotal doing the Colson Fellows programme has been for me in 22/23. It has restored my hope and confidence in the power of the gospel and my role to play in God’s redemptive story. The course is well structured with the readings, webinars and video teaching and incredible access to an array of brilliant yet humble men and women whose voice and messages are prophetic in providing clarity, hope and practical answers for the hour we’re in.

I have learned so from the material but also from Darren and his team who support us in our regular zoom meetings. The CFP has granted both the understanding and language to articulate and address many of the issues from our cultural moment (CRT, transgenderism, abortion, clash of worldviews, racism, sin) from an informed theological stand point but also in a way that is uncompromising yet winsome. I talk about these at my work in health management and with young people. It’s more than an intellectual course. It goes to the heart of God, so comprehensive and propels you to live faithfully in answering both the cultural and great commission.

Jeff from Dunedin NZ.....

I want to highly recommend the Colson Fellows Program for church and ministry leaders in New Zealand. I have been part of the 2022-23 year group and have learned an incredible amount along with my cohort colleagues in New Zealand and Australia. The program is challenging, for sure, but it equips one to stand for truth and the biblical worldview no matter one’s previous knowledge. It has strengthened my faith and equipped me to train the next generation on some really important issues that will face them for years to come. Our ministry runs biblical worldview camps for teens and young adults, and much of our strategy is to pass on what we have learned in the Colson Fellows Program.

The books chosen are very relevant and useful, and the monthly speakers are top-notch. The hot topics of Western culture, including identity issues, critical theory/social justice, the church’s role in culture, and Progressive Christianity are all addressed. The cohort format is great because it provides encouragement along the way. Even though the program started in the U.S., it is nevertheless very relevant to New Zealanders because we face to so many of the same cultural issues.

Raylene from NZ / Aust.........

I am grateful to have finally accessed the Colson Fellow's online programme having waited years for this opportunity to engage with these studies.

The course offers highly relevant, stimulating and equipping Christian worldview content which I can engage with in my own time, as well as regular group discussions. I have loved being on this spiritual, cultural and relational learning journey and have found the content provided as well as the people involved inspiring, provoking, maturing and life-changing. It is an essential course for any Christian Kiwi or Pacific Islander wanting to grow their understanding of 21st century realities and changes through biblically grounded Christian worldview lenses.

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