The Sinicization of Religion

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Good Morning and Welcome to this week’s Gospel and Culture update, by Alan Vink
The Sinicization of Religion
Tuesday 30th May 2023

Sinicization of Religion

No real surprises here. Sinicization means:- the act or process of making something more Chinese in character, or bringing something under Chinese influence. The sinicization of religion refers to a process in which religious beliefs and practices are influenced or adapted to conform to Chinese culture and values. The term is primarily used in the context of China, where the government has historically sought to promote a more Chinese or "sinicized" form of religion. One aspect of these policies is the promotion of sinicization, which involves aligning religious practices with socialist values and Chinese cultural norms.

The sinicization efforts aim to ensure that religious groups in China are loyal to the state and supportive of its policies. The government encourages religious organizations to adopt Chinese cultural symbols, rituals, and language, while discouraging or suppressing foreign influences. This can involve rewriting religious texts, revising rituals, promoting the veneration of Chinese historical figures alongside religious figures, and closely monitoring religious activities.

Here is a helpful explainer published by Oxford House Research titled, ‘Sinicization’: A New Ideological Robe for Religion in China
I quote:- “As government policy, it puts in place three CCP priorities for the monitoring and management of religion in China. Bureaucratically, it streamlines government oversight of religion. Ideologically it seeks to revive the sway of Party ideology over religious belief and practice. Legally, it provides the juridical framework to monitor and control the growth of religion and its influence in China” (bolding mine).

POV. A brief review of the history of Christianity and the Church informs us that Christianity cannot be changed, modified or revised let alone stopped. Sure, attempts to do both have been around since the Day of Pentecost but ultimately to no avail. This is such good news. It is no surprise that Xi Jinping is cracking down on ‘foreign religions’. But here’s the thing if Mao Zedong failed in eradicating Christianity in a day when there was way less contact with the outside world I suspect Xi Jinping will be even less successful in these ‘highly connected’ days as hard as he and the CCP may try.

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  1. Brian Brian Interesting that you suggest Christianity can't be changed. Some might argue that Rome completely changed the focus of the early church when it made Christianity the official religion of the state. From that time onwards, power and money became major influences, thus bringing the church in line with the state goals of power and control. Tuesday, May 30, 2023