The Twisted Self and Beth Moore

Monday, September 5, 2022

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Good Morning and Welcome to this week’s Gospel and Culture update, by Alan Vink
The Twisted Self and Beth Moore
Monday 5th September 2022

The Twisted Self

POV. Here is a superb article entitled, The Twisted Self - Feelings as truth. Sex as destiny. The new cultural orthodoxy and how we got here. It is written by Theologian Carl Trueman - professor at Grove City College. He is also a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Centre and a contributing editor at First Things. Trueman’s latest book is the bestselling The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self.

This is a short (academic) article that needs to be read carefully and then re-read. Trueman asks, “How have we become a society where we think of ourselves as autonomous? Where our emotions and inner feelings determine who we think we are? Where personal, individual, psychological happiness has become a basic criterion for deciding what is and is not moral—and even what’s real?”

This article traces the so called happiness movement and the rise of selfhood and the autonomous individual. I quote , “Many thinkers have helped shape the modern mindset. One particularly influential example: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th-century Genevan philosopher. Few may read Rousseau today, but he is still casts a long shadow as arguably one of the key sources for child-­centered educational theories. Rousseau’s statement that “Man is born free and everywhere is in chains” might well serve as the most concise summary of the modern myth of what it means to be a human being”.

Beth Moore

POV. Beth Moore continues to do a good job. I think her Bible teaching ministry is superb. It’s orthodox, well considered, and nicely delivered. Her grace and poise when told by John MacArthur in 2019 to “go home” was outstanding. Her decision to leave her beloved Southern Baptist Convention last spring, citing sexism and misogyny as key factors was incredibly courageous. In this interview she shares honestly how this impacted on her and how she processed it.

I want to conclude by saying the Western Church needs more Beth Moore’s. There is something refreshing to hear the Bible well taught by a female teacher in exactly the same way as hearing the Bible taught by an African or Asian or Messianic Jew. The fact that gifted women teaching, preaching and leading is still a problem amongst some of my fellow evangelicals is very sad indeed. To be dead honest I am staggered that this is still an issue at all.

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